Wine, Cheese & Chocolate

Switzerland, anyone? The Swiss origins of the Amish and Mennonite people are deliciously evident in Amish Country, not to mention later arrivals who built businesses, and many more recent visitors (you) who reap the benefits.

Start with cheese, for example: the varieties, the local sources, the Swiss-cheese expertise, plus the pretzels and the sausages. For more than half a century, Holmes County has been producing excellent cheese. This beautiful dairy land with its many grass-fed herds contributes high-quality ingredients, as do dedicated Amish farmers bringing milk to factories in traditional milk cans.

Sweet. Enjoy the aromas, tastes and textures of fine chocolates, not to mention other fancy candies, whether personal indulgence or a special gift.

Sweet and savory, hmmm. What goes with cheese and with chocolate? Wine, of course. Delight in the orchards and vineyards of Amish Country, and their gorgeous settings among rolling countryside and sparkling streams. Take a break from your travels (or spend the day) on the patios, wine gardens, cellars and classic scenery that local vintners have designed for your pleasure.