Quilts & Arts

Here, artisanal refers to the real thing. Amish Country is where you’ll find the created, the crafted, the real. And of course, our quilts are legendary.

Pottery and pewter, bells and bowls, rag dolls and watercolors, in shops that build on the local history of hand-made and hand worn. Investigate our variety of galleries. You know you’re in a land of creativity when you can tour studio upon studio, hearing the roar of the forge, feeling the heat of the kiln, the buzz of the quilting bee.

Seek out the tucked-away sources, the in-home business such as Swartzentruber Quilts for hand quilting, baby quilts, wall hangings, pillow covers, pot holders, placemats, aprons and rugs.

A fine-craft haven, Holmes County is one of the top 10 places in the United States to buy artwork directly from the artisans. You will be inspired by their stories (enough to start your own) and warmed by the care they take with their art. The next time you’re thinking garden sculpture, holiday gifts that are special, wedding gifts that are heartwarming, come to Amish Country.